Red Parrot x H. Carpinte

In Red Parrot x H. Carpinte on September 29, 2010 at 9:17 pm

This cross was the starting point in my quest to get a Red Texas Cichlid 2 years ago. Cherry-picked the nicest Red Parrot female from a tank full of adults. And paired her with an outstanding male Green Texas (H. carpinte). It took about 6 months before they started liking each other (sorry about the algae and water spots on the glass).

This female's red colour was intense and all natural. No colour foods.

Carpinte male. Really nice blue markings all over. Ended up selling this guy to another breeder.

The progeny of this cross showed a range of phenotypes from “Vieja-like” bodies to Texas-like to Midas/Devil-like body types. Markings on the bodies ranged from no blue spots (gray/brown base with black spots/bars) to completely covered in blue spots. Only 2 of the 30 or so fry I kept changed colour. The best one is below:

Red Texas Cichlid posing.

A couple others I kept and grew out cuz they were covered in blue.

Red Parrot x H. carpinte - this guy has a Vieja body AND appetite. Eats all greenery and plants like salad. I call him "Mr Teeth" cuz his mouth is filled with more rows of teeth than normal.

This guy turned out super blue! His head changes from iridescent green to blood red depending on the angle of the light.

Here's a close-up that captures some of the red in his face. His name is Kris (Kringle) cuz he has Christmas colours on his face!

And finally, these are a couple of curious runts. The first is a sibling to the ones above, and the second is from unrelated parents (a different Red Parrot x Texas pairing).

This fat-bodied little girl only got to 2" long and has already laid eggs.

This little guy came from a tankful of siblings at Whitby Big Al's. He was the smallest by far (2") but has changed colour (faded) and has lots of blue dots.

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