Shrimp Garden

In Shrimp Garden on September 30, 2010 at 2:34 am

This was my best ever planted tank. A really nice 90 bow that I called the Shrimp Garden. It was fully planted, CO2, equivalent of 2 watts per gallon, and regular dosing with ferts and Flourish Excel.

Had literally hundreds of shrimp breeding in there… Super Red Cherries, Tigers, Bees, Red Nose, and several unidentified Caridina species that came in as contaminants.. Had a bunch of Aeglids (cockroach crayfish from Venezuala) roaming around in there but once they were in, I rarely saw them.

Also housed zebra otos, Epactionotus aky (actually I think they’ve been reclassified as Hisonotus aky), and Corydoras habrosus, and many species of snails including the new Tylomelanias from Sulawesi. I was fortunate enough to have the aky breed for me in that tank. I think it was one of the first recorded spawnings in captivity (according to Julian Dignall, PlanetCatfish).

Here are some pix:

My old 90 gallon Bowfront.. Shrimp Garden.

Super Red Cherry Shrimp

Tiger Shrimp female carrying eggs (berried).

Cherries, Tigers and Bee Shrimp fighting with the snails over shrimp pellets.

Male Tiger Shrimp

Bee Shrimp taking a walk through the Pellia.

Unknown Caridina sp "Banded" male.

Unknown Caridina sp. "Banded" female.

Another unidentified Caridina species, this one carrying eggs.

An odd little Macrobrachium species from Peru.

I think this Palaemonetes species came from Brazil.

Cockroach Crayfish from Venezuala!

Zebra Oto munching on some floating food.

Female Hisonotus aky... Incredibly ELECTRIC GREEN little oto cats!

Female Hisonotus aky chilling on a Madagascar Lace Plant.

Hisonotus aky male on a Jungle Val. Males don't have the iridescent green on the body like the females.

One of the Hisonotus aky fry. Tiny replicas of the parents!


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