Cryptoheros nanoluteus

In Cryptoheros Nanoluteus on October 17, 2010 at 11:38 am

Just a few random close-up pix of Cryptoheros nanoluteus. This is my favourite small Central American cichlid. They’re super colourful, but a little sensitive to poor water chemistry and don’t take kindly to change.

Cryptoheros nanoluteus male. Got this guy from Spencer Jack about 2 years ago.

C. nanoluteus are very colourful little cichlids from Central America. They are covered in many shades of yellow and a blue-green iridescence all over the body and fins that is hard to capture by camera.

Flourescent yellow with bright blue eyes! When spawning, they actually lose a some of their colour and become more black/white/gray.

Close-up of his teeth.


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