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Short Body Largemouth Bass!

In Short Body Largemouth Bass! on January 23, 2011 at 11:42 pm

Check out this guy! Proof the world is coming to an end! In a tank full of bass and trout at an Asian grocery store in Mississauga..

First 2 pix taken with my cellphone so they’re low-res..

Little short body largemouth bass found in an Asian grocery store!

With a normal body largemouth for comparison

DOA - sigh, the guy who netted him out for us hit him on the head as we were yelling NOOOOO! Sadly or maybe luckily(?) he never recovered..


Mr Teeth!

In Mr Teeth! on January 23, 2011 at 9:42 pm

This guy is one of my favourite unfaded red texas grow-outs (carpinte x red parrot). He’s a brute, big blue face, body with green scales surrounded by iridescent orange. But my favourite thing about this guy is his teeth. Huge fangs upper and lower with another row of teeth inside the fangs!

Mr Teeth!

Outer fangs and inner row of even more teeth...

He's responsible for many fish deaths

Just can't get over that set of chompers!

Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up

In Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up on January 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

These guys have finally grown up. Moved some fish around today and finally got a good look at them (they were in a top row tank with lots of algae on the glass, so haven’t seen them for a long time). The male has coloured up nicely, and the female actually has a light blue iridescent sheen all over her body.

Interesting how Cuban x JD have slightly longer faces than a normal Jack Dempsey. Sorry about the dirty glass.

Cuban x Jack Dempsey female - the pic doesn't show it so well, but she's covered in a light blue iridescence

Got her in with her boyfriend now

Cuban x Jack Dempsey male

You can sort of see the blue on her flanks - unfortunately the flash really washes out the iridescence

Hopefully they're both fertile...

Some Interesting Oddballs

In Some Interesting Oddballs on January 17, 2011 at 5:19 am

Was testing flash/camera combo today (Olympus FL-40 with Panasonic FZ50).. Got some nice shots of some interesting fish.. Most of them at Aquatic Kingdom.. some of them my own fish.. a couple at BA Brampton..

I like the flash with this camera.. Much better control over lighting than flash I was using before.. Most of these pix taken with flash set to manual mode, f9.0-10.0, shutter speed 1/125

Yunnanilis brevis

Bitterlings - the flash brings out yellow on the head that you can't really see without the flash.

Super nice Apistogramma borelli

This guy with the split dorsal is a really angry little fish

Fighting with everybody

A young Neolamprologus brichardi "Jumbo Fulwe Rocks"

Even younger jumbos

Emerald Rasbora - Very cool little dwarf

Galaxy Rasbora

This guy was labelled "Halloween Flowerhorn"

Cryptoheros nanoluteus x Amatitlania siquia

These little hybrids are colourful

Humphead Glassfish

Crazy colourful pipefish

Odd little tetra

Sicyopterus species

Underslung mouth perfect for scraping algae off rocks

Males will probably colour up nicely at breeding time

Another algae-eating goby (freshwater) - Stiphodon sp.

Great colour on the cheeks

And yet another Stiphodon species

These little Uarus look like they might develop some nice orange on the sides

Not really anything special, but nice fish nonetheless

Oddball loach that actually swims midwater

These next two were seen at BA Brampton…

Tiny little glassfish, only about 1/2 inch long.. they might be Parambassis lala, but too young to tell..

Scarlet Badis - Dario dario.. still in the bag.. nice little fish..