Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up

In Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up on January 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

These guys have finally grown up. Moved some fish around today and finally got a good look at them (they were in a top row tank with lots of algae on the glass, so haven’t seen them for a long time). The male has coloured up nicely, and the female actually has a light blue iridescent sheen all over her body.

Interesting how Cuban x JD have slightly longer faces than a normal Jack Dempsey. Sorry about the dirty glass.

Cuban x Jack Dempsey female - the pic doesn't show it so well, but she's covered in a light blue iridescence

Got her in with her boyfriend now

Cuban x Jack Dempsey male

You can sort of see the blue on her flanks - unfortunately the flash really washes out the iridescence

Hopefully they're both fertile...

  1. Hey Brian,

    Glad this post finally arrived! I wonder if you could talk a bit about how you chose these two out of the batch. Are they the only two survivors from the spawn? I think it would be neat if you could also post pics of the parents used to create these hybrids for reference.



  2. […] repeats the hybridisation and provides actual photographic proof of the process (a good start is here), I’m sticking with the natural colour morph theory. After all, it’s just as likely (if […]

  3. how do i contact you e-mail would be great

  4. Dude, Awesome hybrid. I’m trying to breed the same thing right now.
    Is there a email I could contact you to share information on them?

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