May 2011 – 28 Cool Fish

In 28 Cool Fish on May 24, 2011 at 12:16 am

28 cool fish seen recently at the big 3.. Dragon, Aquatic Kingdom, and of course Big Al’s Miss..

Both Aquatic and BA got African shipments in recently.. lots of cool stuff..


Extra large Aba Aba at Aquatic Kingdom


Aluminum catfish (Chrysichthys sp) at Aquatic Kingdom


Nice size red eye tetras (Arnoldichthys spilopterus) at Aquatic Kingdom

They have some teeth!


Cute 2" long Fahaka puffers at Aquatic Kingdom


2 ft long african arowana (Heterotis) at Aquatic Kingdom


Really nice juvenile Powder Brown Tang at Aquatic Kingdom


Savanna tetras - a rarely seen little tetra - at Aquatic Kingdom


Nice wild Pelvicachromis sacrimontis (Scarlet Kribs) - at Aquatic Kingdom


Mormyrops sp, sometimes called freshwater dolphins - at Aquatic Kingdom


Unidentified sp of giraffe catfish.. at Aquatic Kingdom


Gymnallabes typus (eel catfish) at Aquatic Kingdom. This cool cat is rarely imported..


Arowana knifefish (Papyrocranus afer).. rarely seen African knifefish at Aquatic Kingdom


Juvenile Cuban cichlids at Dragon


Haven't seen large gold barbs as nice as these for a long time.. at Dragon


Large Datnoides campbelli (NGT) at Dragon


Super nice Red Eye Diamond at Dragon


Super bright orange cray at Dragon


School of silver arowana at Dragon


This bright red discus variety was labelled "Tiger Pigeon Blood" at Dragon


Two Campylomormyrus species (long nose elephantnose fish) at Big Al's Miss


Chunky juvenile cobalt blue discus at Big Al's Miss


Congochromis dimidiatus at Big Al's Miss

Rarely seen African dwarf.. these are only an inch long..


Really interesting new guppies coming from far East.. seen at Big Al's Miss


Red tail, black body, red head.. wow - these were at Big Al's Miss a few months back


Some nice LDA01 - not many Brazilian plecos available recently - these are nice - at Big Al's Miss


Really nice Bemba Orange Flames (Tropheus moori) at Big Al's Miss


Young Synodontis notatus at Big Al's Miss


Nice Synodontis schoutedeni at Big Al's Miss

Also saw Nannochromis parilius (BA), unidentified Pelvicachromis sp, maybe Calabar (AK), Ctenopoma ansorgii (BA), Short body flowerhorns (Dragon), and a strange little goby (AK).


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