Recent Trips to BA Scarborough and BA Kitchener

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A very well managed store .. Tanks always clean and nicely aquascaped, healthy livestock with something for everyone.. All pix taken with an old Olympus C2040.

Strange little African barb sp.

Nice Antenna Stingray (Plesiotrygon sp)

Green Barred Barilius

Little Black Bar Silver Dollars

Young Blue Diamond Discus

First time I've ever seen these guys! Copper Nose Barilius (the copper colour on the nose is bright!

Flag Cichlids making faces at each other.

Brilliantly coloured Fu Manchu Lionfish

Gold discus variety

Some good size Geos.. look like a surinamensis-type.


Big n chunky Gold Rams

My fave shark - the Harlequin Shark (Labeo cyclorhynchus)

Some medium size Jaguar Cichlids (Parachromis managuense)

Julidochromis regani "kipili" is the nicest juli imho. These ones have the bluest fins that I've ever seen! So tempting...

Odessa Barbs

A big old Paratilapia.. This guy is a brute!

And some tiny Rasbora brigittae - a nice little red rasbora for nano-tanks.

Red Marlboro(?) Discus

Some other cool fish seen that I didn’t get pix of:

Pentazona Barbs, Red Bay Snook, Scarlet Endlers, Drape Fin Barbs, Motoro Stingrays, some big fat Spotted Puffers, and quite a few cool African cichlids.

Also dropped by BA Kitchener recently.. here are some pix of some of their fish:

Cool! Diamondback Terrapin

Big huge Eleotris-type Sleeper Gobies

Tiny little armoured sticklebacks (Indostomus sp)

Kyathit Danios

A nice Pelvicachromis sp. (not sure what they are, but I managed to come home with a nice male and the only female in the bunch!)

A really big Hap. sp 44 - this guy was about 6" long!

  1. Lovely fish! Would you mind contacting me at I have some questions to ask. Thanks for your time!

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