Ripped Off?

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2011 at 6:41 am

Quite a few african cichlid species have more than one colour variant usually based on different collection points. Pundamilia nyererei is found in Lake Victoria and is a great example of this.. at least 8 or 9 colour variants are known from various locations around the lake. One of the nicest, reddest variants is found at Makobe Island.

Here are pix of the fish I picked up from a local breeder.. supposedly P. nyererei “Makobe Island”.. His tanks were unlit and the fish were scared so I couldn’t see the colour.. and was really basing my decision to pick them up on the seller’s knowledge.. which in hindsight was not wise on my part..

UPDATE: This cichlid has tentatively been identified as P. nyererei “Python Island” by one of the experts on the Cichlids of Victoria forum – a fantastic place to go if you’re into these cichlids –

Is it from Makobe Island?

Supposed to have a red dorsal fin.. Will it turn red at breeding time?

Dorsal fin looks blue with some reddish tints...

Nice fish.. not sure about pedigree...

This is supposed to be a P. nyererei Makobe Island female.. but the bars are too wide-spaced.. she's not looking even nyererei to me..


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