New Heros

In Heros Speceis on February 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm

These were imported from Venezuala by Spencer Jack. Very colourful compared to other Heros species I’ve seen before. Lots of iridescence all over, and the spots on the body are actually red on some of these.. compared to the reddish brown on other Heros species I’ve seen.

Not sure on species identification. Spencer thought they might be Heros notatus. Oliver Lucanus thinks they are an undescribed species. I’m just happy to be raising them here.. lol

This is one of the smaller, slightly less colourful ones - hopefully female.

Heros species "Venezuala" - a colourful male.

The lower fish has red on the chest/throat area. And very dark red spots.

Heros species “Venezuala” – The spots on the body are actually red. Fish are about 3″ long.

I’ve had Heros sp “Rotkeil”, notatus, severus, appendiculatus, etc… and I would say my faves are this one from Venezuala, and notatus.

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