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More Cool Fish – Take Two.. (better pics)

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Those last pics of the crenicichla were so bad.. I just had to take some new ones today.. and also some of my wild caught Peru ex-Cichlasoma festae female.. she’s awesome!

First some pix of the female festae cichlid.. She’s about 4-5″ long, eating everything in sight.. origin: Rio Tumbes, Peru..





And these are the dwarf pikes.. Crenicichla species.. Haven’t properly identified these yet, cuz they were shipped from Brazil as Crenicichla regani, but they’re not regani.. may be notophthalmus.. or ???.. the females have amazing dorsal fins.. lots of red.. a couple of the females have a reddish tinge to the body as well..






This is a really bad picture of the Peru male festae cichlid.. There’s algae on the front glass cuz he doesn’t have a pleco in with him (unlike the female), and I don’t want to go in there and disturb them at the moment.. They just spawned and fry are free-swimming right now.. Even thru the algae u can tell he’s a pretty good looking boy!


Laetacara araguaiae.. These also wild caught.. I gave these away a few months ago.. They were starting to get beat up by the young festae and they were too nice to use as dithers..



More Cool Fish..

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So I haven’t posted in a while.. sorry.. thought I would post some pix of some cool fish that I’m working with right now, or have seen recently at various LFS’s..

Sorry about the dirty glass.. This is a quick pic of some dwarf pikes.. Came in as “Crenicichla regani” in a recent shipment from Brazil.. But they look a lot like pictures I’ve seen of Crenicichla aff. notophthalmus “Orinoco”.. or maybe just Cr. notophthalmus? Sometimes a challenge trying to figure out what fish is actually shipped when it comes to direct shipments from South America and Africa..




This guy is a wild caught gourami.. undescribed species.. Shipped as “Colisa sp. Bloodfin”.. This genus is now named Trichogaster I think.. Have a few of these.. They were collected in North East India..


Two different varieties of Luciocephalus aura.. A small spot type (with numerous small spots – on the left), and a larger spot type (with only one row of larger spots – on the right).. These are also wild caught.. recent imports.. but came in 2 separate shipments..


Saw these at a LFS.. Jack Dempsey x Firemouth.. Haven’t seen these hybrids before..


Laetacara araguaiae.. Used to be called sp. “Buchelkopf”.. A really nice small South American cichlid..


This is a 16″ long mudpuppy! He was rescued from an Asian grocery store.. Have absolutely no idea why people would want to eat these!