More Cool Fish..

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2013 at 1:25 am

So I haven’t posted in a while.. sorry.. thought I would post some pix of some cool fish that I’m working with right now, or have seen recently at various LFS’s..

Sorry about the dirty glass.. This is a quick pic of some dwarf pikes.. Came in as “Crenicichla regani” in a recent shipment from Brazil.. But they look a lot like pictures I’ve seen of Crenicichla aff. notophthalmus “Orinoco”.. or maybe just Cr. notophthalmus? Sometimes a challenge trying to figure out what fish is actually shipped when it comes to direct shipments from South America and Africa..




This guy is a wild caught gourami.. undescribed species.. Shipped as “Colisa sp. Bloodfin”.. This genus is now named Trichogaster I think.. Have a few of these.. They were collected in North East India..


Two different varieties of Luciocephalus aura.. A small spot type (with numerous small spots – on the left), and a larger spot type (with only one row of larger spots – on the right).. These are also wild caught.. recent imports.. but came in 2 separate shipments..


Saw these at a LFS.. Jack Dempsey x Firemouth.. Haven’t seen these hybrids before..


Laetacara araguaiae.. Used to be called sp. “Buchelkopf”.. A really nice small South American cichlid..


This is a 16″ long mudpuppy! He was rescued from an Asian grocery store.. Have absolutely no idea why people would want to eat these!



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