About Me

Red Tiger Motaguense

My Fishstistics

Name: Brian

First Aquarium: 10 gallon tank, 1970’s (yes, I’m that old)

Current Aquariums: 30ish, 2013 (still can’t kick the habit)

Current Rare/Unusual/and Run-of-the-Mill Stuff:

  • Enterochromis cf. paropius
  • exCichlasoma festae “Rio Tumbes”
  • exCichlasoma festae “Ecuador”
  • Pseudacanthicus sp L065
  • Pseudacanthicus leopardus L114
  • Heros sp. “Iniridae”
  • Hypostomus faveolus L037
  • Ancistrus sp “Uruguay” (I think they’re cirrhosus)
  • Hypostomus sp “Rio Sao Francisco”
  • Xiphophorus montezumae “Rio Tamasopo”
  • Cryptoheros nanoluteus
  • Cryptoheros cutteri
  • Amatitlania sp “Honduran Red Point” (wild type and leucistic)
  • Amatitlania hybrid “Blue Marble”
  • Typhlonectes natans
  • Typhlonectes compressicauda
  • Potomotyphlus kaupii

Hisonotus aky: First in the world (I think..) to photographically document successful spawning (see

Aquatics Trade Experience: Order Taker (Wholesale), Sales Clerk (Aquatics Retail), Aquatics Wholesale Broker, Fish Department Manager, Livestock Department Manager, Fish Photographer, Aquatics Management Consultant, Aquatic Disease Specialist, and TBA!

  1. Hi, Brian-
    I have some questions for you. How can I email you?


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