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Blue Peruvian Zebra Shrimp!

In Blue Peruvian Zebra Shrimp on November 24, 2010 at 5:41 pm

These came in yesterday at Aquatic Kingdom. Euryrhynchus amazoniensis! Wow that’s more than a mouthful! Cute little macrobrachium type shrimp that stay small and range in colour from reddish brown to pale sky blue. I tried to pick out the bluest ones.

Euryrhynchus amazoniensis pair on java fern leaf.

Blue Zebra male - notice the very large claws.

Blue Zebra female - smaller claws than the male.

Berried (holding eggs) Blue Zebra female.

Berried female again, different view.

Pretty nasty looking chompers!

Euryrhynchus amazoniensis are said to prefer softer, low pH water.

Very cool, colourful and rare little shrimp!