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Cool Fish at Aquatic Kingdom in Mississauga

In Cool Fish at Aquatic Kingdom on February 25, 2010 at 4:51 pm

Dropped in to Aquatic Kingdom the other day. They had some cool fish and I had my camera…

Here are some quick pix!

Little freshwater barracudas

Tiny little unidentified pike cichlids

Unidentified Heros sp. from Peru

Trachelyopterus sp?

Would be nice to have a school of these

A cool-looking loricarid

Erythrinus sp.

Bright bright red!

Very rare wild caught tetra sp.

Only 2" long and already so red. These guys are going to be awesome when they get bigger.

Rhombeus type

There were four of them ranging from 14" up to about 16" long!

This is the legendary Wobbegong from Australia. Eating a goldfish.

Very nice!

Very cool Central American cichlid.

Sternarchus sp