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Couple of Uncommon WC Tetras

In Couple of Uncommon WC Tetras on April 1, 2010 at 1:55 am

Here are some nice wild caught tetras that have made their way into my tanks over the past year.

First is Gymnocorymbus thayeri. These are from a supplier in Peru. Imported by Aquatic Kingdom in Mississauga. One of my favourite large tetras cuz they have so much iridescent gold on them.  Not your average tetra and an excellent dither fish to boot!

Gymnocorymbus thayeri

Next is a new species of Megalamphodus from the Pantanal in Brazil. These look like the missing link between red phantom and black phantom tetras. Reddish body, bright red adipose fin, and jet black tails! Imported by

Very nice little tetras when they're happy!