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Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up

In Cuban x Jack Dempsey All Grown Up on January 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

These guys have finally grown up. Moved some fish around today and finally got a good look at them (they were in a top row tank with lots of algae on the glass, so haven’t seen them for a long time). The male has coloured up nicely, and the female actually has a light blue iridescent sheen all over her body.

Interesting how Cuban x JD have slightly longer faces than a normal Jack Dempsey. Sorry about the dirty glass.

Cuban x Jack Dempsey female - the pic doesn't show it so well, but she's covered in a light blue iridescence

Got her in with her boyfriend now

Cuban x Jack Dempsey male

You can sort of see the blue on her flanks - unfortunately the flash really washes out the iridescence

Hopefully they're both fertile...