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Unidentified Central American Cichlid

In Amatitlania siquia "Red Costa Rica" on November 17, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Found these while visiting a local heavy duty hobbyist. Interesting little Amatitlania sp? with reddish tail, orange-ish dorsal and anal fins, and tiny spots in some of the fins near the base.

These are supposed to be f1 from fish originally collected by Barry Mckee, but not sure where they were collected from.

UPDATE: I managed to contact Barry by email and he was kind enough to let me know that the parents of these fish were collected in 2003 in Costa Rica, just north of Tortuguero. Amatitlania siquia “Red Costa Rica” (in the video below, the cichlid is now settled in and is showing much more red than in the photos which were taken right after they were introduced to the tank).


The following photos were taken right after the fish were introduced to the tank. The fins all looked rusty red brown.

Dominant male of this unidentified Amatitlania sp.

Another male with the only female in the group

Another view of the dominant male

Amatitlania female

The third male least dominant of the group

Third male's barring looks more like the typical HRP that are available around here

Closer view of the female


Cryptoheros nanoluteus

In Cryptoheros Nanoluteus on October 17, 2010 at 11:38 am

Just a few random close-up pix of Cryptoheros nanoluteus. This is my favourite small Central American cichlid. They’re super colourful, but a little sensitive to poor water chemistry and don’t take kindly to change.

Cryptoheros nanoluteus male. Got this guy from Spencer Jack about 2 years ago.

C. nanoluteus are very colourful little cichlids from Central America. They are covered in many shades of yellow and a blue-green iridescence all over the body and fins that is hard to capture by camera.

Flourescent yellow with bright blue eyes! When spawning, they actually lose a some of their colour and become more black/white/gray.

Close-up of his teeth.

Nanoluteus x HRP

In Nanoluteus x HRP on September 6, 2010 at 12:52 am

What do you get when you cross a male Cryptoheros nanoluteus and a female Amatitlania siquia “Honduran Red Point”?

Mother Honduran Red Point

Father Cryptoheros nanoluteus

The progeny of this pair, which I’m calling NHRP, are finally starting to get adult colours. Lots of iridescence in the fins. All pix taken with a Panasonic FZ-50, with external flash, shutter priority. They have NOT been post-processed at all (other than being cropped down to size). It’s WYSIWYG, but remember the flash does tend to bring out more of the iridescence then one would see under regular aquarium lighting. Apologies for the dirty glass!

Nanolutes X HRP female. This one has paired up with another male from the same batch. Body colour looks like it's mostly HRP.

Pretty colourful little NHRP pair, female in front.

NHRP male - This one is the biggest of the batch. Cheeks showing some influence of the nanoluteus. The gold, green and blue fins show influences from both parents.

Here's the parents together. She's a runt, but he's really into her.