Welcome to Fishopolis

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find pix and brief commentary on all sorts of cool and/or rare freshwater fish. Some are in my tanks, some are at my local fish stores. I don’t work for any of these stores btw. Although I used to work for PJ’s and for Big Al’s. And have worked for more than one wholesaler/distributor before.

Current breeding projects include:
– Enterochromis cf. paropius (f3) Lake Victoria, Tanzania
– exCichlasoma festae (f0) Rio Tumbes, Peru, and (f1) Ecuador
– Amatitlania siquia “Rio Cabuyo” Costa Rica
– Heros sp. “Iniridae” (f0) Venezuala
– Ancistrus cirrhosus (f1) Uruguay
– Typhlonectes natans (f0/f1/f2) from Colombia
– Potamotyphlus kaupii (f0) from Brazil
– Xiphophorus montezumae “Rio Tamasopo” Mexico
– Amatitlania sp. “Honduran Red Point”
– Amatitlania sp. “Leucistic Honduran Red Point”
– Cryptoheros cutteri
– Cryptoheros nanoluteus
– Amatitlania hybrid “Blue Marble Convict” (attempting to line breed these, but so many babies..)

I have about 30 tanks of various sizes going at any given time.

Cichlids here originate from Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, Panama, Peru, Venezuala, Ecuador, Nigeria, Congo, Malawi and Tanzania. I also have some man-made cichlids, hybrids, that have originated from Argentina and locally here in Canada.

Catfish (and other bottom-feeders) here originate from Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuala, Uruguay, Guyana, Congo and Thailand.

Finally, the Amphibians and Oddball fish here originate from Brazil, Venezuala, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Indonesia and Nigeria. And one new addition which I think came originally from the U.S., but was found in an Asian grocery store!

  1. Hey bud I was wondering if u have any of the supper red rtm fry or grow outs . Thanks

  2. Would like to ask you a question do you have an email I can contact you at?

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