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Olympus C5050 has still got what it takes

In Olympus C5050 on June 21, 2010 at 10:19 pm

Well, after years of wondering if this legendary old camera is as good as everyone says it is, I finally got an opportunity to try one for myself.

Following are a few pix taken with an Olympus C5050 – young hybrids from an earlier post:  Salvini/Red Devil x Carpinte, and Nanoluteus x Honduran Red Point. Also a pic of a nice Red Texas Cichlid that is the result of another hybrid cross: Carpinte x Red Parrot.

As I think you’ll see, this 7 yr old digital can still compete with today’s best prosumer point & shoots when it comes to getting fish pix. The f1.8 lense is perfect for the low light situations that characterize most home aquariums. All pix taken with external flash and a Canon 240 close-up lense.

Salvini/Red Devil x Green Texas (Carpinte) at about 1/2" long. This pic as well as the next two were taken in an UNLIT fry tank.

This little guy is showing some potential.

A closer look thanks to the amazing super bright f1.8 lense paired with the Canon close-up. Oh, and the flash doesn't hurt either!

Nanoluteus x HRP at almost 1" long. This pic and the next two were taken in another grow out tank that is well-lit with double tube flourescents.

Normally, C. nanoluteus juveniles don't show very much colour at this size, but these hybrid juvies are going against the trend.

Hopefully these little gems keep getting brighter.

Red Texas Cichlid posing. This one taken without the Canon close-up lense and from a distance of about 6 feet through dirty glass into a very dimly lit tank.


Old Pix of Some Rare Crenicichla

In Rare Crenicichla on June 14, 2010 at 7:23 pm

The other day, I was going through some of my old pix dating back to 2002, when I was using a very primitive digital camera, and had no idea what I was doing! But I had some super nice rare fish back then.. Had totally forgotten until now. So here are the pix. They’re a little rough around the edges!

Young Crenicichla sp "Cobra"

Wild caught Cobra pike cichlids from Rio Tapajos

Crenicichla acutirostris - a very cool, super skinny pike cichlid!

Crenicichla vitatta - these were wild caught from Paraguay

This giant pair of Crenicichla cincta were photographed at Belowwater's Montreal facility.

Crenicichla lenticulata - my all-time favourite pike cichlid! These guys show all the colours of the rainbow with an iridescent sheen all over!

These were wild caught from Brazil's Rio Negro. The lenticulata from Rio Negro are the nicest looking of the various collection locales.

Crenicichla lenticulata starting to show breeding colouration